For the past 25 years the Fonthill Lions and the Kinsmen Club of Fonthill & District have celebrated the annual tradition of holding a joint club meeting at the start of the year.

This year it was our turn to host and we gathered together with our Kin friends on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at the Fonthilll Lions Hall. There was much laughter with a sprinkle of teasing and obvious respect for each other on the menu as we shared an excellent meal prepared by the Fonthill Lioness.

Fonthill Lions President Robert Yungblut chaired our Lions meeting first with members of the Kinsmen Club proposing various mock motions and lively banter. After we completed our meeting it was Kinsmen President Ryan McKay’s turn to lead their club meeting.

The members of both Clubs look forward to the Annual Co-Meeting as a way to build friendships and greater awareness of each other’s contributions to our local community. The event is so much fun that it was only realized upon discussion at the meeting that the 25 year milestone had been reached. Thank you to Kin Doug Freeland for noting that the first service club partner meeting happened in 1993.

Cheers to the start of another great year of partnership in community service!