We would like to thank all of the schools in the Pelham area as well as the Welland French Schools and Home School that sent students to our Effective Speaking contest on February 22.

Thanks to all the contestants, your speeches were informative and entertaining. In our eyes you were all winners.

To all the parents thank you for encouraging your children to take part in a dying art. Speaking in public will be so important to them as they go through life.

To the judges who took time out of their busy lives to judge the speeches.

Thank you for making it a successful evening.

Pictures of the Junior English:  (left to right) 1st – Isaac Khan, 2nd – Natalie Anderson, 3rd – Jayne Stafaniuk
 Intermediate English are 1st – Parker Triano, 2nd – Spencer Kleniewski, 3rd – Kristen Wells
Intermediate French are 1st –  Oliva Cyr, 2nd – Melissa Miljours
Senior English:  1st – Matt Beard, 2nd – Charlotte Whitty, 3rd – Wyatt Flagg