The Fonthill Lions would publicly like to congratulate and say how proud we are of the Fonthill Lioness for all of their hard work and especially their recent donations of $10,000.00 plus the over $ 2,000.00 that they had donated throughout the year. In the past month they made the following donations: Lions Foundation of Canada 500.00, Lake Joseph Centre (camp for the blind)300.00, Lions Youth Exchange 300.00, Pelham Library ( for large print books) 500.00, Pelham Cares 500.00, Lions Homes for the Deaf 1,000.00, Eye Care Niagara 300.00, Town of Pelham Day Camp 500.00, Fonthill Lions 1,500.00, Welland Hospital 400.00, VON 400.00, Women’s Place 400.00, Camp Huronda (Children with diabetes)300.00, Diabetes Research 100.00, Camp Dorset ( dialysis camp) 300.00, Camp Trillium ( children with cancer) 300.00, Hospice Niagara 400.00, EL Crossley Scholarship 500.00, Notre Dame Scholarship 500.00, FACS 300.00, Lions Effective speaking 200.00 and Fort McMurray 500.00.

Thank You to all of you that support the great work that this club does and to all the local merchants that donate to their fund raisers.